Have a Home Plan for all stages of life!

Everyone Needs a Home Plan. Your home is often your biggest investment and you need to take care of it. Your home should not be on survival mode!! It is important for so many reasons:

  • The more organized you are the more money you save.
  • More time you have with family and friends
  • More focused you can be on work and family planning
  • Less stressed- a major health issue to be concerned with
  • You should love your home! It is where you should be at peace and feel safe and comfortable at all times.
  • Feel Proud! Your home should reflect your personality, your style, your family’s activities and hobbies!
  • Easier to maintain. A well-organized home can be cleaned easier and keep things from going unnoticed. Home repairs you don’t notice can become costly!


What is a Home Plan?
The Home Plan makes your physical house and your family’s needs function together efficiently to make a home. Simply put, the home you live in should function for the people that live in it!

You need to know what you need out of your home. It is our shelter of course, but how do you need your home to function for your current life stage? A home plan puts together a map of our home and how it can be most efficient for you family’s lifestyle. You have storage in all rooms of the house and each of those rooms are used for different activities and by different members of the family. So it is important you evaluate each room, its storage opportunities, and make that space function for the family members who will be using it. Every room, closet, cabinet, shelf, etc. should have a very specific job. And all areas should be organized by zones and categories as best you can. Even the most custom of homes can have its organizing pit falls or design flaws, but a good home plan helps make sure they don’t become a problem area.

Every stage of our life changes our needs. From where we live, to how big of a home we need, to how many people/pets we are making plans for. Our home plan will change just like your retirement plan or financial plan would change as your life stages progress. You may invest heavily and have a job change that forces you to change what you can invest due to a salary decrease. You may get promoted and choose to increase what you invest at the time. All of these things need to be managed as you move through life and your home plan is no different. Your home certainly will be different if you are single and living alone compared to being married with three kids a dog and your father living with you! So from the size of your home to the family members there and the activities you are involved in it is always evolving.

Sometimes you home plan is a new house. Sometimes it is an addition on the existing house. Sometimes it is rearranging bedrooms or areas of the house. Remember the difference between a house and your home. A house is a physical building where someone lives. A home is where you live and you and your family belong. It should bring peace and joy to your life no matter how temporary it is. Even if you are renting as you wait for your dream home to be built, the place you belong needs to function.