Downsizing you home is a big decision. Is it time for a smaller home? Downsizing can be considered for many reasons. Less people in the home, financial changes, or your home is used less often as you travel into your retirement and you are ready to simplify. Whatever the reason there is a lot to consider.

  • How much of a difference in size. Same amount of bedrooms, but they are all smaller or are you going from a 5 bedroom to a 3 bedroom?
  • What furniture will make sense to take? Does the scale of the furniture still work? Is it the right style for the new home?
  • Who is coming with you? Are you at the empty nest stage or is it a move for other reasons and you are all going to be living in a smaller space? A lot to consider is this is your situation.

Time for a one story home- or single level living. Two story homes can be challenging for many reasons and for many reasons it can be a good decision to go to a one story home.

Multi-generational homes are becoming more and more common. Is it time to give up living on your own but you do not want or need assistance from a retirement home. This is a big step and making sure everyone has their own personal space and a sense of privacy is very important for all involved.

Retirement Homes and Assisted Living. Always a tough choice, but at some point can be necessary. The very first step is to consider the size of the new home and what will need to be brought there as necessity. A lot to be considered on what is to be kept and what is to be sold or passed along to family at this time.

In home assistance. This is a great option and there are lots of ways to make our loved ones comfortable in their own home!!

Designing for seniors is important. Sometimes we can have our loved ones stay in their home longer with the right designs and adjustments all over the home. Remote controlled blinds and windows, Skid resistant flooring, twist free faucets, lever door handles, properly designed closets and pantries, pull out drawers and shelving, wheel chair accessibility, open floor plans, good lighting, and things like grip bars as necessary.

Moving & Relocation

Moving can be very stressful, especially if the move happens faster than planned. The house sells fast, or it is a move for work that gives you little time to prepare.

An unorganized move can be maddening. Really try to make sure you consider the size of the next home and what the changes in rooms will be.

It is important to do a very thorough sort and purge before you start packing. It is a waste of money to move items you could have gotten rid of.

Do you hire a professional to pack you or are you going to do it yourself? Often it can be a combination. Same question on unpacking once you have moved. At this stage it is often very beneficial to have your home professionally unpacked so you are functioning as quickly as possible.

If you take a long time unpacking you often waste money buying things you have but simply can’t find or access because it is still in a box somewhere! It should take no more than a week to get 90% unpacked.