Once you have your home organized you have to consider how you will maintain it!

Will you do it yourself? Will you hire a housekeeper? Do you have a housekeeper already that needs to be involved? Do you need to increase the visits they are making?

This is an important decision and a conversation to have with your professional organizer. It is like having a landscape design company come out, present a landscape project and then implementing it. Will you be mowing, edging, watering, and taking care of the weeds? Will you hire a lawn maintenance company to do it weekly or monthly?

If you have the design implemented but do nothing to maintain it during a year of hot summers and cold winters it will need to be done all over again.

We offer several options for maintenance. Weekly to yearly depending on the room and the frequency of use. A monthly or quarterly visit is our most popular frequency, but it is specific to each families needs.