Laundry Rooms can be actual rooms with a ton of space, small rooms that really lacked consideration, or even just laundry closets that are behind a set of bifold doors. Some homes even have the laundry are in the garage. The physical space we have to work with is a key in organizing these spaces.

Frequency changes in this area depending on each family’s size and activities. These factors need to be taken into consideration as well, as the more this room is used to actually do laundry the less it should be used for storage.

How much is hung dry, how often does laundry get done, do you like to fold in the space or on a bed or dining room table, do you have hampers in each room or a family hamper broken down by color, and how many people are doing laundry? Some families have a parent or parents do all the laundry and some families everyone is doing their own. So the question becomes about the schedule in the laundry room and who is accountable.

Laundry rooms MUST function well and need to be designed for the people using it. The four pillars of organization are always a good place to start.