Often our most forgotten space for storage while holding the most opportunity. You will see it collected with stuff that just needs to go and open op opportunities to store things like you low frequented kitchen appliances or cases of paper goods.

The largest room in most homes that also demands the most categories for storage. The more people in the house the more categories to consider.

The garage can be used as the front entry to a lot of homes, especially in areas like Florida where you are pulling into your garage on a daily basis. It is often even how guests come in and out of your home.

There are also a lot of physical demands on a garage and it is exposed to the elements. It needs more maintenance and cleaning so be sure to design and organize the space taking that into consideration or maintaining the space becomes a chore.

A well maintained and organized garage can be a huge factor in every home. Take special consideration of the 4 pillars of organizing in this space as they become very important here.