Closets can be high frequency like in your bedrooms or low frequency like in a guest room. Either way they are fundamental in keeping your home organized.

It is helpful to inventory your whole home before deciding what will go where! You want to keep all like things with like things.

There are many options in closet systems. All have benefits and limitations and come along with a price point. You want to consider the best fit. Don’t make the mistake of using the cheaper wire shelving just to come and find that you are now going to spend a ton on accessories to make the closet function properly. Often time’s custom or semi-custom closets will function better, be more flexible, and need a lot less in accessories to make it work becoming the more affordable option in the end. Consider it both ways!

We can organize any closet with any system. The options are endless, it is just important to always consider the 4 pillars of organization. And ALWAYS make sure you have properly purged your closets before you begin a plan for organization!


The physical space is step one on this area. Is it a small reach in or a large walk in? What volume can it hold? Every house needs one and every family has different needs.

A smaller pantry needs to be very organized and have only the items open and ready to use. If you have the luxury of a large pantry you can often have your duplicates in the space behind its open package.

If you do have a nice size panty you can often house some of your kitchen appliances in the space to free up counter space or keep things used less frequently out of your way.

Non ventilated/wire shelving that is adjustable is the best use in a pantry of any size. There are ways to accessorize if needed, but if you are planning the space from scratch avoid those things.

The four pillars of organization are important to consider in this space.